Seven years ago, we have guessed the need and impressive rise of the industry. We have wanted to be some of the pioneers of the giant area which has been to come into prominence in business. The passion for people, innovation and the challenge of permanently changing trends have been the main reasons which have determined us to build a company expert in integrated online commerce.

Each Delazero project is a high - quality complete online store. By abiding with the law, we manage all aspects related to a profitable online store: from the creation of a customized platform, to advertising, services of sale and post-sale, to identifying future brand opportunities. Strategic thinking together with the efficiency of experience, and the team spirit inspire us to create all projects and the relations with our partners.

Delazero's mission is to contribute to the market consolidation actively and to set standards for the Romanian online commerce, by bringing famous brands focused on developing their business according to present trends to the fore exemplarily. We identify new opportunities and we maximize their potential, by changing them into real annual sales.


Our vision is to support the Romanian electronic commerce market, by creating virtual entities contributing to optimize the time and the purchase opportunities of the contemporary consumer.


Team spirit: We believe that the best results are a consequence of a collaboration based on compatibility and professionalism. Therefore, Delazero' s priority is to select profiles of compatible professionals, having team spirit, who want to evolve together by reaching common goals. A pleasant working environment is an asset for every employee's performance.

Innovation: From the beginning, Delazero has been standing out on the market by using certain advanced web technologies, customizable for the benefit of the customer, by adapting itself easily and its vision focused on progress.

Adaptability: Our projects are based on collaboration, teamwork, a permanent communication with our partners. Each Delazero product is 100% customized according to the needs and requirements of our partners and consumers.

Excellence: Delazero's policy includes the strictest operation standards, for the optimization and constant progress of our projects results. We believe that perfection exists and our goal is to reach it as much as possible in each action we are taking.

Mentorship: Delazero invests in promoting trends and concepts of electronic commerce in Romania, both by specializing our employees in specific areas by training classes and by the founders' attendance to conferences and specific events as speakers and mentors for the new generation.


Delazero’s priority is to select profiles of compatible professionals, inspired by the team spirit, which wish to evolve together reaching common goals: web designers, programmers, marketing specialists, project managers, sales specialists, logistic agents, everyone contributing to the success of our projects.


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