Delazero creates for you an online shop, dedicated to the brand and your products, so that you can be closer to your consumer. In here, he will easily find the products that he searches for and gets the information necessary in order to support him in the decision making process. The documentation, the informations received and the online acquisition will have a significant impact on your offline sales, sustaining and developing the brand awareness and generally increasing the sales.


The online shop will be created by Delazero according to your brand requirements in terms of image, type of product, targeted consumer, permanently adjusting it to the market dynamics. If your brand is international, we will follow the brand's manual and the international website, keeping an identity that will help the consumer accommodate with a familiar environment. In the same time, we will adjust the platform to the local market conditions, creating a concept and developing in based on the type of product and the targeted consumer. The website development will be a continuous process, Delazero permanently searching new methods of optimizing in order to increase the sales.


Does your brand need online awareness? We come with proposals and decide together a promoting strategy so that the consumer knows where to find you online. Is your brand already famous? We coordinate and implement the online promoting campaigns so that the consumer find out that he can buy your products online, where to buy them or find out information on the products he is interested in. Do you want to invest so that your brand awareness becomes higher, and together with it, your sales? We propose you new promoting channels, a necessary budget and measure the results. Based on this, we decide where we need further to invest, where we can optimize and where we need to focus the effort and energy.


Each brand needs to be present in social media. Delazero gets involved here also, creating and maintaining a company page for your brand and people to interact with it. We will administrate your company page so that we bring a number of people closer to you and interested in communicating with you. We also look for conversions, that will remain our final aim. You want to be on Instagram, Pinterest or Google Plus? We bring you also here. Moreover, we create content and post it on the promoting channels in order for your site to become more visible in Google, such as for you to sell more. The final aim is increased traffic and conversions.


The online sales are not defined just by identifying the consumers, converting them or registering the orders. We take care of the entire B2C process, to that you don't bother at all with the logistic operations. We bring the products in our location, we package, we handle of the required documents and take care that products arrive in due time at the final consumer.


The call center service it’s vital for an online shop, moreover a specialized service that keeps close to your products. It is extremely important to keep in touch with the products so that you can provide in real time adequate support for the consumers that need those information. We offer the call center service in order to build a bridge between you and your online clients. Start experience increased sales and a higher conversion rate by offering order taking and answering services with up to date information related to your shop, the orders and the products.


You don't want any bother with the whole e-commerce process?Chose to externalize it completely and we take care of everything of the above, for you. We will coordinate the call center departments, marketing, logistics, web design, sales, we gather information, and we take the conclusion and propose you how to optimize the entire process. At the end, numbers are all that matter, for you and for us.


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