Processes and procedures in an online shop (the work flow)

Processes and procedures in an online shop (the work flow)

Design/ programming/ documenting and photos of products/ developing & optimizing/ marketing and promoting activities/ B2C sales/ service& warranty services
For an optimal administration of an online shop, there are several significant processes to which the owner of the online shop should pay attention, before launching it, but also during the functioning. Each of these processes is to be optimized because, when working with no efficiency, a high order volume doesn’t automatically ensure a high profit.

First step: the first aspect from which we basically start working at the online shop is the product (ok, once we decided on the niche). We check the products, establish the categories in site, make photos of the products, add the technical specifications and make the descriptions that will help us with SEO.
In parallel with this phase, we establish the website concept, the design, follow the identity manual (if this exists), usually starting with the product page, the category page, to the homepage. Attention here to the legislation (Terms and conditions), the mandatory elements on site (ANOPC link, contact info including Registration number and Registry of Commerce Registration no.)

Implementing the design and the database behind the design is the next step; here, one have to consider that each online shop has to have an efficient system for registering and processing orders and, most of the times, synchronizing it with the soft of the courier company, card payment systems and SMS sending through an API. We must pay attention that the journey of the potential buyer in site has to be as easy as possible, reach fast the products or information he’s interested in and make it extremely simple for him to place the order.  Any element that could distract him is to be avoided.

Once the online shop is launched, the work on the design and programming doesn’t stop. In fact, the effort never stops, if we want our shop to be up to date with the market dynamic and develop together with it. Considering that, once we launched the shop, all we need to do is promote it or change some banners, we just put a break to the continuous effort of an entire development team.  Any online shop must be continuously optimized, from mobile devices optimization to the fast site loading or different tools that can be implemented in order to awake the consumer’s appetite to shop or making him loyal to your shop. Only hosting your products on a platform without customizing and developing is not just inefficient, but causes unnecessary costs.

Efficient ways to increase sales can be promoting the products, the shop or the benefits that the customer has when buying from this shop. Pay attention that every action that you take has to be measurable and has to establish the efficiency of the channel/ channels you use to promote your business and products. Google analytics must become, as much as possible, your friend or good friend of your marketing responsible. Don’t forget about link to your shop in order to be as much as optimized for the search engines.

We brought the client in site and generated all ways to convert him. Attention to the customer service (especially if you use as prime channel the phone call for confirming the orders, etc). A good sales person can conclude an order, can save it and can make a cross or an up-sale. He can, simply, create a relation and chemistry between the client and your shop, so that this client feels comfortable and free in discussion, no matter how much experience has or not with such type of sale. Efficiently processing the orders and delivering them as promised are essential criteria for the success of your shop.

Support and assistance in post-sale services, from potential returns to different warranty or service situations are also extremely important  in keeping the client of your shop, after having, maybe, a first not so good online experience  (no matter if it is a situation strictly related to the shop or he simply did not liked the product). The feedback we gain in post-sale services is essential to optimize the shop procedures, aiming to decrease at minimum such situations.

This list of processes within an online shop is not a very detailed or complete one. But it is one that contains the general processes and that we should pay attention to when dealing with an online shop. Delazero deals with all of these processes, for any brand that needs complete outsourcing of the e-commerce service.




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